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Arthur Rosa

I 'm Arthur Rosa. I want to tell your story, I want to be as thrilled as you, and I want to capture one of the best and most important moments of your life: YOUR WEDDING! 

Photography is not just a job for me, it's a way to get to know and build friendships with fantastic people -- the ones with a vision, who love and appreciate photography just like me. 

I'm a big fan of music, and I always edit photos while listening to something cool. My favorite artists are Rush, Pink Floyd and John Mayer. 

I also love to travel, so if you want me anywhere in this world, so do I. 
If you want a photographer who captures feelings and one who doesn't do regular stuff, let's go crazy together.

Arthur Rosa NYC
Flying over New York, 2017
Arthur Rosa NYC
Coffee and travel lover

Destination Wedding Photographer?

Yes! I always had a dream: to travel the world. 
Photography was the best way that a find to travel the world doing what I love the most: photography real stuff.

In the past 3 years, I've shot wedding and engagement sessions in USA, Singapore, Germany, Maldives, and France. Hope you find me and give me the opportunity to shoot yours in one of those countries or wherever you want.

Ele veio, fizemos a sessão que está lá no blog dele e depois da sessão eu pedi pra ele pra ir no casamento que ele iria fotografar. Só pra segurar luz e de quebra aprender com o mestre.

E não é que ele aceitou! Haha! Fui no casamento, que por sinal era da Bia Sabóia, uma fotógrafa aqui de Fortaleza.

Aí eu percebi que fotografar casamentos era minha paixão e vocação. Queria era aquilo pra mim.

New York


"I shoot every wedding as I would want someone to shoot mine. Giving my best!"

Arthur Rosa

What really matters

Fuel, inspiration, motivation...


My family is my safe harbor. Without them I'd be doomed. Thank you, Josélia, Mara and Alice.
Mara Sousa
Josélia Rosa
Alice Rosa

Music and Sports


I play 3 musical instruments. Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums and trying to learn how to play Ukelele to calm Alice down during the bath.

I also practice Kiteboarding and Mountainbike.

Arthur Rosa
bike beira mar


We really love to travel. We've been in 11 countries and we are planning to increase this number a lot in the following years. You can help us getting married in another country than Brazil.

new york

The lady of the house


Mara is my wife, BFF, photographer, Alice's mother and everything for me. Without her help, this couldn't be happening. She bought our very first camera, she was the one who said that we would figure it out, she supported me and gave me her shoulder when I thought about giving up. She photographs every wedding with passion and always with a smile on her face. I'm a very lucky guy.

Mara Sousa

Let's get started?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you think that we are a good fit for you.

Rua Coronel Linhares, 1516 - Fortaleza - Ceará - Brasil
T: +55 (85) 98205-7672

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